V11 Red lace shawls

This beautiful huck lace pattern has been popular through the years, and it is even better in red.  They brighten your day with soft silkiness and colorful comfort.  All the shawls have a tencel base; the bamboo shawls are fairly cool, while the alpaca/silk and cotton will give more warmth.  These can be ordered now by calling 218-244-6353 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for availability.


  • V11A 20x91 tencel/bamboo $149
  • V11B 20x81 tencel/bamboo $129
  • V11C 22x90 tencel/alpaca/silk $169
  • V11D 20x96 tencel/bamboo $158
  • V11E 20x82 tencel/cotton $95
  • V11F 20x87 tencel/cotton $99
  • V11G 22x70 tencel/alpaca silk $149
  • V11H 20x69 tencel/bamboo $115

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