T5 Spring Fiesta towels

These bright towels will bring spring right into your kitchen.  Besides being beautifully absorbent and lasting years, they are also a delight to use.  The variegated yarn used as a background works well with the other colors that are given in individual descriptions. Call 218-244-6353 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order.


  • T5A 19x26 plaid cotton $25
  • T5B 20x26 banana cotton $25
  • T5F 20x26 very light green cotton $25
  • T5G 20x27 lemon cotton $25
  • T5M 18x21 gold cotton/bamboo $22
  • T10A 19x26 plaid cotton $25
  • T10B 19x26 lemon cotton $25
  • T10C 19x26 aqua cotton $25
  • T10D 19x26 turquoise green cotton $25
  • T10E 19x26 orange cotton $25
  • T10F 19x25 pink cotton $25
  • T10G 19x21 pink cotton $22
  • T10H 19x25 white cotton $25
  • T10J 19x25 bright yellow cotton$25
  • T10M 17x22 turquoise green cotton $22