T2 silk shawls

I have woven more of these lovely silk shawls in the natural silk colors with various types of silk used in the warp.  They drape beautifully, are perfect for any season, and wash up so nicely, too.  Most of them are 100% silk, but one or two have a beautiful alpaca/silk yarn in the weft.  They all have the variety of silks in the warp, so the shade mentioned for each shawl is the color of the weft.  As always, they are available by emailing me or calling.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 218-244-6353. 


  • T2C 20x82 tan twill $137
  • T2D 20x68 tan twill $130
  • T2F 21x82 white twill $165
  • T2H 17x66 cream with dark specks $130
  • T2K 17x84 cream with dark specks - irreg. $100

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