T13 shawls

Beautiful shawls, using hues from reds through blacks, can be a luxurious accent to a little black dress or black pants and shirt.  These will be great for a Christmas party, church, a casual afternoon with friends or any other time you want a comfortable, elegant wrap.  Each one has a tencel warp with the variegated reds and blacks, so individual descriptions will just mention the weft that is woven across it.  You can order right now by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 218-244-6353.


  • T13C 20x90 black bamboo (with tencel) $124
  • T13G 20x77 black bamboo (with tencel) $115
  • V12C 22x68 black alpaca silk (with tencel) $149
  • V12D 22x80 burgundy cotton (with tencel) $95
  • V12E 21x90 black bamboo (with tencel) $149
  • V12F 21x79 black bamboo (with tencel) $135

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