S6 " ...through a glass darkly" runners

These runners are subtle and delightful, easily cared for and will add that special something to your decor.  Several have crosses; others have a blocky diamond or other basic patterns.  The main colors are turquoise, aqua and willow green, crossed by colors mentioned in individual descriptions.  All are 100% cotton and washable.  Call me at 218-244-6353 to order.


  • S6B 12 1/2 x 31 yellow weft, crosses full length, hemmed $45
  • S6D 12 1/2 x 28 turquoise, crosses all through, hemmed $45
  • S6F 13x33 turquoise, aqua, willow sections, fringed $48
  • S6H 13x36 1/2 aqua blocky diamonds, fringed $48
  • S6K 13x35 willow blocks, fringed $48

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