R9 natural wool scarves

These scarves are woven with a wonderfully soft natural-colored wool.  They are great for warmth and coziness.  A few are woven with mohair, as well, for an even nicer, softer look and feel.


  • R9C 6x84 pebble weave scarf $45
  • R9D 6x68 pebble weave scarf $35
  • R9E 6x60 wool, natural mohair pebble weave $58
  • R9F 6x73 wool, loopy naturals mohair, pebble weave $63
  • R9H 6x76 wool, loopy naturals mohair pebble weave $63
  • R9K 6x76 brushed natural white mohair, wool $63
  • R9M 6x63 wool, brushed mohair tans and grays $40