Bronson Lace Runners

These white or cream lacey runners go with anything to set your table off beautifully.  The Atwater-Bronson lace pattern in diamonds always looks lovely and works well whether using them as table runners, dresser scarves or personal scarves.  (Yep, you can use them any way you want!).  They are all cotton and wash up as good as new either by hand or in the machine (you may want to put them in a lingerie bag to keep the fringe in good shape).  Several sizes are available, and they have about 2" of fringe on each end as well.



  • R4A 13x28 white cotton $22
  • R4B 13x36 white cotton $28
  • S18G 13x89 white cotton &60
  • V4A 13x71 natural (cream) cotton $59
  • V4B 13x43 natural cotton $38
  • V4C 13x29 natural cotton $28
  • V4E 13x46 natural cotton $38

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